Events & Projects

The IFC runs on a “school year” calendar, commencing in September and breaking in June.

September: CROP Walk

November: Thanksgiving Service

December: Reading of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

March: Music Festival

June: Baccalaureate

Monthly: Super Suppers

Quarterly: Helpline Food Drives


Meet Holocaust Survivor Peter Metzelaar @ Wing Point Golf & Country Club
Nov 6 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Pete Metzelaar will share his inspiring story of survival during World War II at the Wing Point Country Club. RSVP by 11/3/2017

Pete was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1935. When Pete was 7 years old, the Nazis seized his entire family except Pete and his mother Elli. The Dutch Underground contacted Klaas and Roefina Post on the Metzelaars’ behalf, seeking a place of refuge. The Posts risked their lives for over two years to shelter Pete and his mother on their small farm in Makkinga in northern Holland.

After it became too dangerous to stay with the Posts, the two found refuge in several other hiding places, thanks to the Dutch Underground and the bravery and persistence of Pete’s mother. The Netherlands was liberated on May 5, 1945. Four years later, Pete and Elli moved to the United States to start a new life.
Klaas and Roefina Post have since been recognized by Yad Vashem in Israel as Righteous Among the Nations.

Pete has been an active member of the Holocaust Center’s Speakers Bureau for nearly 20 years. He has shared his experiences with thousands of students and community members all over the Northwest. His message to promote tolerance and stand up for others resonates deeply with all listeners who hear his story.

Hosted by the Bainbridge Rotary Club

Peace Cafe @ Eagle Harbor Congregational Church UCC
Nov 14 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

In the wake of the recent events in Charlottesville, several hundred people gathered on Winslow Green to show support for a more peaceful, inclusive, and just society. As people shared stories and songs, it became clear that many of us want to be more connected, to learn from each other, and to stand together in the face of hate. Over and over we heard that community is strengthened when we welcome diversity, meet challenges with compassion, and support each other with kindness.

To encourage the momentum of that initial event, Eagle Harbor Congregational Church is hosting a Peace Cafe, a time and place for coming together to share experiences and ideas that can help build stronger and more resilient community for all of us. Talk cafes are open gatherings where participants can choose between a number of labeled “topic tables”, including some undesignated tables for free discussion. A bell is rung every 15 minutes to allow folks to change tables if they wish. Each table’s conversation will center around a prepared question which aims to stimulate thoughtful responses. What helps communities resist hate/racism? How can we discover/explore our white/privilege filters? What encourages/discourages a diverse community?

We will host the Peace Cafe on Second Tuesdays in November, December and January and intend to include all ages. If there is interest, we will happily arrange for a daytime event as well. Like any good cafe, we’ll supply coffee and tea and light snacks. The front entrance of the building is wheelchair accessible; parking available in front and in back of the church.