IFC presidents


Interfaith Council bylaws adopted in Oct. 1997, replacing a ministerial alliance.

1997-98 Martha Korslund (St. Cecilia)
1998-99 Rev. Dennis Magnuson (Seabold), and an assoc. pastor at Rolling Bay Presbyterian
1999-00 Iver MacDougall (Grace)
2000-01 Fr. Joseph Tiernan (St. Barnabas)
2001-02 Elizabeth Zwick (Agate Passage Friends)
2002-03 Dick Goff (Eagle Harbor Cong.)
2003-04 Ross Boundy (LDS)
2004-05 Rev. Dee Eisenhauer (Eagle Harbor Cong.)
2005-07 Donna Larkin-Mohr (Cedars UU)
2007-08 Janette Arndt (Spiritual Enrichment)
2008-09 Kent Chadwick (Rolling Bay)
2009-10 Len Beil (St. Cecilia)
2010-11 Patricia Lahtinen (LDS)
2011-12 Rev. Jaco ten Hove (Cedars UU)
2012-13 Sue Anderson (Christian Science)
2013-14 Reed Price (Eagle Harbor Cong.)
2014-15 Jessica Dubey (Cong. Kol Shalom)
2015-16 Elizabeth Dequine (Dances of Universal Peace)
2016-17 Tiffny Weighall (LDS)