Faith leaders speak up for action on climate

Interfaith Climate discussion
From left, moderator Erika Shriner, Rev. Dee Eisenhauer, Rabbi Paul Strasko, Rev. Paul Stumme-Diers, Rev. Eric Mason, and Assemblyman Stan Brown

The Bainbridge Island/North Kitsap Interfaith Council co-sponsored a panel discussion on October 27th featuring five local clergy — prompted by to the pope’s recent encyclical on climate change. The podcast below is a recording of “Faith and Climate Change — Do We Have a Moral Obligation to Act.” That topic was answered in the affirmative at the event at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. The audio featured below is a Bainbridge Community Broadcasting podcast. Thanks to Barry Peters for producing and editing this program.

The podcast includes the following parts (which start at the timestamped moments in the podcast):

0:00 Event introduction – by Peggy Erickson, co-chair of Bainbridge Citizens’ Climate Lobby

2:15 Introduction to clergy panel discussion, by Erika Shriner, board member of Climate Action Bainbridge, who moderated the clergy panel discussion

5:26 Question 1: What does your faith believe about humanity’s relationship to the earth, and is there a moral imperative to care for the earth?

5:50 Response by Rev. Dee Eisenhauer, minister of Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

8:28 Response by Rabbi Paul Strasko, Congregation Kol Shalom

12:45 Response by Rev. Paul Stumme-Diers, Bethany Lutheran Church

15:15 Response by Rev. Eric Mason, Grace Episcopal Church

18:18 Response by Assemblyman Stan Brown, Baha’is of Bainbridge Island

20:30 Question 2: What has your faith community done, or planned to do, to incorporate climate action into your collective work and the lives of your members?

20:46 Dee Eisenhauer
23:30 Paul Strasko
26:48 Paul Stumme-Diers
29:30 Eric Mason
31:42 Stan Brown

33:45 Question 3: With lots going on, are we getting real results? How can we engage more people of faith to accept the science of climate change, and to act on it?

34:48 Dee Eisenhauer
37:43 Paul Strasko
42:10 Paul Stumme-Diers
44:56 Eric Mason
47:12 Stan Brown

51:51 Question 4: How do we mobilize massive numbers of people to do something constructive about climate change as soon as possible?

53:20 Dee Eisenhauer
54:40 Paul Strasko
55:24 Paul Stumme-Diers
56:08 Eric Mason
56:58 Stan Brown

57:45 Moderator closing remarks

58:51 Transition to presentations by climate change activists

59:05 How to share this BCB recording with your friends

59:40 Stacey Nordgren describes a Nov 18th workshop by EcoAdapt to enable the public to address climate change responses in the City of Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Plan update.

1:02:12 Dr. Michael Soman describes Citizens Climate Lobby

1:05:10 Brian Anderson describes Climate Action Bainbridge

1:09:11 Erika Shriner, describes Carbon Washington

1:12:42 Peggy Erickson wrap up, with mention of Earth Art Bainbridge.

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