Events & Projects

The IFC runs on a “school year” calendar, commencing in September and breaking in June.

September: CROP Walk

November: Thanksgiving Service

December: Reading of the UN Declaration of Human Rights

Feb: Music Festival

June: Baccalaureate

Monthly: Super Suppers

Quarterly: Helpline Food Drives

Baccalaureate @ Bainbridge First Baptist Church
Jun 7 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Drive Up Celebration

For many years, the Interfaith Council has sponsored these annual
Baccalaureate services, honoring–in a spiritually inclusive way–our seniors as they graduate from high school. The comments from participants today reflect their own religious and spiritual traditions. Songs and other material come from a variety of sources. We intentionally choose language that is inclusive of our diverse spiritual backgrounds even as we recognize that not everyone uses the same words to describe what is deeply felt.

Full program is here: