1968: Bainbridge Island Interparish Council (IPC) was created by some Bainbridge congregations. Membership in IPC was restricted to Christian churches professing belief in the Trinity of God, Christ and Holy Spirit. In its early days, IPC provided school and daycare for children of migrant berry farm workers.

1974: IPC founded Fishline House, now Helpline House.

1970’s – 1990’s: IPC initiated, sponsored or participated in a numerous programs and activities including: Food drives, Super Suppers, the High School Baccalaureate services, support for affordable housing, and a march against an outbreak of racist leafleting.

1990’s: Non-Trinitarian faiths (such as such as Mormon, Christian Science, and Jewish congregations) asked to become members of IPC, but these requests were politely declined, coupled with invitations to attend IPC meetings but only as guests.

IPC churches and their delegates became increasingly uneasy about this “theological exclusion.”

1997: The Bainbridge Island/North Kitsap Interfaith Council (IFC) was formed as a new organization that replaced, and was ecumenically far wider than, the former Bainbridge Island Interparish Council (IPC).

Membership is open to all Bainbridge/North Kitsap faith communities who accept the bylaws and mission statement.

The new organization was and is truly and inclusively “interfaith,” with membership based not on particular theologies, but rather on the harmony of certain basic shared values that spring from our diverse faiths, as well as the enrichment we receive from celebrating and sharing each others’ faith traditions.