Bainbridge Island Police Chief Matt Hamner, right, writes an entry on “what is compassion” for David Breaux, who was visiting Bainbridge as part of a nationwide Compassion Tour.

The Bainbridge Island/North Kitsap Interfaith Council exists:

  • To work for dignity, justice, and opportunity for all persons.
  • To speak for the voiceless, confront violence and oppression and bring healing to the wounded.
  • To assist a greater responsiveness to human need in the institutions, structures and environment in our community.
  • To nurture peace among and unity within communities and nations.
  • To care for the earth, defending the rights of all its creatures and seeking the reverent and equitable use of its resources
  • To welcome dialogue with people of all faiths, recognizing that we are enriched through their presence and collaboration.
  • To work with people of all faiths to provide for the common good.

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